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22 Jan 2012

innovation jockey

Are you an innovation Jockey ?We are on the hunt for India‘s most innovative minds across campuses! Do you have an exciting innovative solution that impacts your Home, City or College? Well, it can take you all the way to France!

Start thinking now! Read more about the contest

In an increasingly technological world, everyone is wired to be innovative.

Be it software mashups or a radical new application for a mobile phone, everybody is looking to create the next life-changing innovation.

That’s why, at Accenture in India, we have been aggressively driving an innovation agenda for the last few years.

Now, in partnership with Yahoo!, India’s leading Online Publisher, we set forth to launch Innovation Jockeys – The Hunt for India’s Most Innovative Minds across Campuses.

In the first edition of this competition, we are inviting all Undergraduate, Graduate and  Postgraduate students across the country to come up with innovative ideas that will change their lives.The theme for the contest is- Everyday Innovations for Home, College and City.

A winner in each category of Home, College and City and they will compete for the title of Innovation Jockeys with the Grand Prize that would take them all the way to France!

And for more details please visit the site : Yahoo Specials – Accenture presents INNOVATION JOCKEYS

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